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Local Services

Receiving a diagnosis of ALS is challenging and overwhelming. While no two people with ALS will experience the condition the same way, there is a great deal of collective knowledge as well as valuable resources available.  

Our ALS Navigation Programs

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Assistance to Newly Diagnosed


Information and assistance for people recently diagnosed with ALS or recently referred to The ALS Association.

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Multidisciplinary care specifically for people with ALS.

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Research, Resources, Referrals, Education and Outreach

Linking families to appropriate resources to help them navigate the complex system of health, social, legal and financial services. Also, providing the most current resources, materials and speakers to families, healthcare professionals and the general public as well as working with all levels of government to draw awareness and resources.

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Family Support

Providing support to family members and caregivers through programs such as Care Connection, support groups, caregiver and survivor support, the Community of Angels Fund, and The Walk to Defeat ALS.

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Geographic Management

Consultation on area issues with a team of nurses and master’s- level social workers, as well as a variety of support groups. Also, helping families deal with urgent issues locally, including problems with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, rural resources, abuse, end-of life issues and more.

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Consultation on the use of equipment, home adaptations and computer-enhanced communication devices, as well as an equipment loan pool.

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