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Quality of Life Grant Program

Quality of Life grants

For families living with ALS, the emotional, physical and financial challenges can be overwhelming.  As the disease progresses and the person with ALS loses more and more of their abilities and independence, family members often have increased responsibility of day to day caregiving tasks. Coupled with ongoing household chores, yard work and car maintenance the workload can start to become unmanageable.

 In addition to ongoing responsibilities, the person living with ALS also needs regular transportation to ALS clinic, specific home accessibility and communication devices all requiring specialized equipment and instruction. These are key components to quality of life, not only for the person with ALS but also for the caregiver.

The ALS Association Mid-America Chapter’s care services department has developed a new Quality of Life Grant program to assist ALS families with the challenges they face every day. The Quality of Life grant will reimburse ALS families for their needs in respite, communication, home modification, access to medical care and for special circumstances.  Our goal is help maintain the highest quality of life despite ALS.

An annual grant of $1,000 can be awarded to families battling ALS. An application is required.

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