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"I made a promise to a friend and I intend to keep it." - George Brett

We all have the ability to help a friend with ALS. You don't have to be an All-Star or Hall-of-Famer. You just have to have a handful of coins, and the willingness to give.

My new campaign is very simple. Most of us have a jar of change at home, or a bunch of coins in our car - or in the couch. Gather them up and donate them to The ALS Association.

Together we can make a #Change4ALS.


Here's how you can make a #Change4ALS

1. Count your stash of coins. Be sure to check your car, coin jar, and couch cushions.

2. Donate that amount to ALS.

3. Take a picture of your change and post it to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #Change4ALS.

When George Brett's friend Keith Worthington was diagnosed with ALS in 1973 George promised him he would stay in the fight until a cure is found for ALS. More than 47 years later, he is keeping his promise.

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